本中心以杨启霖先贤命名是为了承袭他收藏家的精神与对收藏的热爱,也借此纪念他对于保留与推动文化的贡献。杨启霖的儿子,杨应法与杨应群也以父亲的名义, 捐赠了部分袖海楼里的珍藏给本中心,让本中心的资源更齐全。

Yeo Khee Lim Teochew Culture Research Centre is a resource hub located in Nam Hwa Opera.

The Centre is the first Teochew resource-based research centre in Singapore. The aim is to let more people, regardless of nationality, ethnic group or age, have a better understanding of the origins of the Teochew culture and how it has evolved over the years in Singapore.

The Centre has an extensive collection of both local and overseas Teochew culture-related resources, ranging from Teochew culture related books and magazines to Teochew Opera vinyl records that have been converted to digital tracks. The Centre also has a collection of work produced and written by local and overseas Teochew ethnic artists and writers, providing a platform to showcase their work.

The Centre is named after Mr Yeo Khee Lim to carry on his legacy as a collector, as well as commemorate him and his efforts in preserving culture. His sons, Mr Yeo Eng Koon and Mr Yeo Eng Huat have also donated a part of the Xiu Hai Lou collection to the Centre in name of his father, which further enriched the collection in the Centre.

使命Our Mission

To convert our vast collection of vinyl records and cassettes into digital tracks, uploading them to an online platform for appreciation.

  • 与海内外大专学府合作,提供学者与文化研究人员最佳的学术研究环境,促进 海内外学者交流研究的平台。
    To collaborate with local and overseas universities and colleges, providing an excellent academic environment for scholars and researchers, and a platform to foster communication and collaboration.
  • 定期出版书刊和举办学术研讨、会议、讲座、展览,以推广与普及潮州文化。
    To publish books and journals, as well as host academic forums, conventions, seminars, exhibitions regularly to promote Teochew Culture.

展望Our Vision

成为有国际规格,主要研究潮州文化与收藏最多海内外和潮州文化相关的艺术与历史资料的资源中心。 为世界各地热爱潮州文化的人提供一个完善且齐全的多媒体平台,让他们能通过此平台得到最多与潮州文化相关的资讯。
To become a well-established and world-renowned culture resource hub with the largest collection of both local and overseas Teochew literary, musical and artistic works. To provide a multimedia platform with the widest range of collection for Teochew culture lovers to obtain the most Teochew culture related information.

价值观Our Values