Founded in 1963 by avid fans of Teochew Opera, Nam Hwa Opera (NHO) has grown into one of Singapore’s most prominent and prolific Teochew Opera companies. NHO mission is to preserve, develop and promote traditional Teochew Opera as an important heritage of Singapore. NHO is also home to the Nam Hwa Teochew Music Ensemble. NHO celebrates its 55th anniversary in 2018.

A non-profit company since 2015 with charity and Institution of a Public Character (IPC) status, NHO is supported by the National Arts Council under the Major Company Scheme from 1st April 2017 to 31st March 2020.

NHO champions artistic excellence in Teochew Opera. Alongside presentations of classics from the traditional repertoire in our core performances, we also boldly experiment with new genres and technologies to enhance audience engagement and experiences.

We believe that Teochew Opera should remain a part of our everyday lives. As such, NHO’s numerous workshops and outreach performances nurtures new performers and audiences amongst the young and young at heart. Ensuring that everyone has access to our quality programmes is also important to us. NHO regularly presents programmes at schools, community spaces, voluntary welfare organisations and other charitable institutions.

NHO also promotes the Singapore brand of Teochew Opera through international performances and cultural exchanges. On top of hosting international performers, NHO has performed in countries such as South Korea, Cambodia, Malaysia and Germany. NHO has also shared the stage on multiple occasions with Teochew Opera doyens in the artform’s birthplace of Guangdong, China.

With the support of a dedicated and driven community of artists, audiences, leaders, members and sponsors, NHO continues to inspire and reach new heights with Singapore Teochew Opera.

使命Our Mission

To preserve, develop and promote Traditional Teochew Opera as an important heritage of Singapore by:

  • 潮剧表演-经典作品与新作品
    Performing/presenting/producing Teochew operas – classics and new works
  • 提升表演水准及制作水平
    Enhancing quality of performance and production standards of Teochew opera performers in Singapore
  • 向本地和国际观众推广潮剧
    Promoting Singapore Teochew opera to local and international audiences
  • 创造新的新加坡潮剧
    Promoting Singapore Teochew opera to local and international audiences

展望Our Vision

在本地和国际艺术界中, 成为最具认可的新加坡潮剧团体
To be the most recognized Singapore Teochew opera group in the local and international art scene

价值观Our Values

  • 老少皆迎, 互敬互动
    We embrace people of all ages
  • 珍惜拥有, 传承精神
    We treasure our tradition and legacy, preserve and promote the culture in Singapore
  • 以人为本, 志当伯乐
    We value people and seek to develop and groom them to be the best
  • 坚持不懈, 与时并进
    We persevere and progress with times